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Regarding the recent riots in Washington D.C.

Is this the USA ?We consider ourselves civilized, mostly well educated and law-abiding citzens. How can we explain and excuse the mob, demonstrating and entering our Capital?You woul expect such behavior maybe in Third World countries, but not in the USA. Is the so-called silent majority abdicating is responsibility for not insisting in civil behaviorContinue reading “Regarding the recent riots in Washington D.C.”

Changing Activities in a Pandemic

During this Pandemic, certain things have become common place, and otherwise ‘Normal’ activities, have taken a ‘Back Seat’ .Among the more favorite activities are:1. Having a Dog2. Playing games with family3. Reading books4. Watching TV & Movies5. Cleaning the house6. Throwing out junk.7. Wearing comfortable clothes8. Calling long lost friends9. Ordering Take out Food10. SleepingContinue reading “Changing Activities in a Pandemic”

Dangers of a Good Orator

Dear Editor, Unfortunately, our electorate has again been swayed by politics, rather than by what is right. Historians have recorded many instances, where the populace has been swayed by good orators. There is no doubt, that Trump is a good, and persuasive speaker, who can rally a willing crowd easily. Hitler too, was such aContinue reading “Dangers of a Good Orator”

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riots in Washington

Dear Editor,The recent riots in Washington DC, prompted this letter:Is this the USA ????We consider ourselves civilized, mostly well-educated and law-abiding citizens.How then can we explain, and excuse the mob, demonstrating, and entering our capital ?You would expect such behavior maybe in 3rd world uneducated countries, but NOT in the USA. Is the So-called SilentContinue reading “riots in Washington”


Dear Editor,J’accuse, (French: “I accuse”) celebrated open letter by Émile Zola to the president of the French Republic in defense of Alfred Dreyfus, a Jewish officer who had been accused of treason by the French army. It was published in the newspaper L’Aurore on Jan. 13, 1898. ———————————————————————————————————————-That was then.  Now in Modern Times, thereContinue reading “J’accuse”

Finding our Voices

Reform at the Archdiocese and other Catholic Institutions is long overdue. It is very gratifying that the Pope Francis recognized the urgent need, and now  is taking action.For many decades, abuse of children has been rampant, with the church being silent. In addition to the actual abusers, most parishers, knowing what what was happening, also wereContinue reading “Finding our Voices”

Zomby NJ

Dear Editor,Karson Humiston’s article entitled ‘What’s next for NJ with legal weed?’, Nov.15, 2020, discusses the future of a drug laden zomby NJ society. All this to get a few more dollars for  the state’s coffers.To propose the availability of Pot on our society, and especially on our young, is a very short sided proposal,Continue reading “Zomby NJ”

Join the Civilized world

Dear Editor,We recently witnessed needless killings, with guns, the weapons of choice.Unfortunate most have the mistaken perception, that gun ownership, is guarantied by the constitution. Studying our constitution carefully, you may discover that our constitution guarantees the Militia to bear arms, NOT a private citizen.Besides the mistaken belief of the US constitution guarantee, it shouldContinue reading “Join the Civilized world”

Old Wild West

The USA is becoming More & More like the Old Wild West, ‘Shoot it out in the Choral !’Can’t we become civilized, like Most of the Whole WORLD !If we would just BAN Guns & put a BIG Penalty on Illegal Possession, it would go a VERY long way!Yes, there is the Second Amendment, butContinue reading “Old Wild West”

Pandemic Benefits

August 16, 2020 Dear Editor,We all know about the ‘Bad Times, caused by the Pandemic’, but there also are positive things, that hopefully will continue, when NORMAL returns:1. Spending time with Parents, at dinner and during free time.2. Getting extra Sleep.3. Fixing and Uncluttering the House.4. Playing games with family and friends5. Reading a goodContinue reading “Pandemic Benefits”

Bad Apples

Dear Editor, Yes, there are ‘Bad Apples’ in the police, like in Any profession ! Overall, considering the very difficult and dangerous  job, that many policemen have to perform, they perform well, and deal with the public in a courteous way.Yes, the unfortunate death of George Floyd is making the headlines, but it is masking the thousandsContinue reading “Bad Apples”

Don’t Hike the Tolls

Dear Editor,The article entitled ‘Murphy OKs toll hikes for Turnpike, Parkway is very disturbing. Most drivers, whether commuters, going to work, or family going on rare outings are hurting very badly, due to the very serious circumstances, that we are in. A very large percentage of the tolls on these highways is paid out inContinue reading “Don’t Hike the Tolls”

Dumber than is allowed by the police

My mother used to have a saying : ‘Dumber than is allowed by the police!’ This applies PERFECTLY !!!!!!! Trump says it’s safe for schools to reopen. Fauci disagrees. What does the science say?

A Dog Can Can Help

Dear Editor,I believe that I have spotted a new trend, now during the Lock-up.People are aquiring dogs at a hefty rate. Being confined, with little to do, many are opting to get a dog. Going to most public parks, a majority of people are enjoying the fresh air, with====You guessed it==with a dog ! AContinue reading “A Dog Can Can Help”

The Value of Fresh Air

Dear Editor,We read daily the horrible toll the virus is causing in nursing homes. I am not a doctor, but a solution, that our mothers would reccommend is the following:People in nursing homes should be mandated to wear warm clothes, sweaters, warmup suits, etc., woolen hats if desired, and all windows should be opened, especiallyContinue reading “The Value of Fresh Air”

A little Humor

(A Papi Original) This old man was talking to his friend, and he told him, that latelly has trouble standing, while taking a shower. His friend responded: ” Why don’t you install a ‘BAR’ in your shower. A few weeks later he met his friend again, and his friend asked him, how his showering isContinue reading “A little Humor”

History Repeats Itself

This week Passover is celebrated by Jews around the world. In my mind it is an awry reminder that history does repeat itself.The literal meaning of ‘Passover’ meant for people not to mingle, but to bypass, or passover, other people’s houses. Sounds familiar ?The plague, remembered around the world, is an awry reminder, that historyContinue reading “History Repeats Itself”

Take a Hike

When the virus struck NJ, and before they closed the county parks, we often went to our beautiful parks.The parks were very nice to go to, rather the being couped up in your house (as the authorities all reccomended). The county parks had the great idea for private individuals, to donate benches, where senior citizens,Continue reading “Take a Hike”

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